General Guide

On this page, you'll find all the General information you need.

Player Commands

Information: all commands have to be written in lowercase!!!


Brings you back to the main Town


Brings you to the Leveling Location matching your current level


increases your performance by disabling skill effects


We developed an upgrading system for your equipment, to see where to farm it and how to upgrade,

please check the separate Farming and Upgrading Guides.

You are able to up your equipment with special upgrading stones. Here are the upper limits for each item group:

Weapon +12

Armor +10

Jewelry and Belt +9

Gloves, Bracers and Books can’t be upped

Mounts +5


Here you can find all your cosmetics and Item Mall stuff.

You will also be able to spend your Rubys and exchange your Card Fragments.

We strongly advise you to visit this map before you start your journey with leveling to 115 since you can get our NPC cosmetics for 1 copper each. So feel free to gear up first.

Kingdom Quests

Once you hit Level 115 you’ll be able to join KQs for additional equipment.

Take a look at the Farming Guide to check out the drops. Don’t forget your Pickaxe!!

Farmable Skins

Devil Skins

Obtainable in the leveling map from Level 90 to 115 at the end of the map.

These skins are stronger than NPC skins.

Angelic Skins

Obtainable in Crystal Cave which is located in Elderine F8/9.

In there you’ll be able to find the Angelic Harpy.

Once defeated you will be rewarded with a drop.

These skins are stronger than Devil skins.