Set Guide

On this page, you'll find all the information

about sets.

Farm your sets

If you want to use other set effects than your current gear has, you need to farm your sets in “Joys of Torment“ ​located in Roumen D7. It’s a dungeon where you can find 6 different bosses. Each boss has 3 different spawn locations. ​Every boss has its class specific drops.

To defeat those bosses we advise you to bring your party along or if you want to go solo, you should at least have ​heroic gear or better.

Great Experiment

Located : B3, C/D2, G1

Drops : Trickster

Great Twills Spider

Located : C8, F8, I6

Drops : Crusader

Great Barbarian

Located : D6, F/G6, H5

Drops : Cleric

Great Skeleton Knight

Located : E3, D3, F2

Drops : Mage

Great Crystal Guardian

Located : C6, D6, C/D7

Drops : Archer

Great Watchman

Located : G4, G5, E/F4

Drops : Fighter